Monday, April 7, 2008


We drug our grill out of storage, cleaned it up and had our first Bar-b-q this year yesterday afternoon. Oh man, did that smell awesome! And it tasted so great too. Nothing is like a good bar-b-q!
I stopped at Sorrentino's in Clifton Park on the way home and got 85% ground beef and 5 specialty sausages that were seasoned and kinda tasted like taco meat when they were cooked up. I also picked up potato salad and a bag of ripple chips. Good stuff.
We LOVE to bar-b-q. Vince loves to cook up the meat and I love to not have to cook for most of the summer.
I don't think we've ever grilled this early in the year. It was time to grill - after all, it was almost 60 degrees out.


Anonymous said...

I smelled a lot of grills going in my neighborhood the last couple of days, and have been very tempted to fire mine up, so you're not alone!

Laura said...

Nick and I did some bbq chicken last night and it was soo tasty!