Saturday, April 12, 2008


When was the last time you sat down to think about your day and thought of it as being incredible? A day that is one to remember?

We had one today. After a very restful night's sleep, we woke up refreshed and ready to do the stuff we needed to do. My honey went out and got us Dunkin' Donuts coffees, we sat down and made our list and started at it. Things just seemed to flow along, while we talked things out and got things done. A couple things we wanted to do didn't work out, but that was ok. All the makeup of an incredible day, and that's how today was.

The frosting on top of the day was the fact that it was sunny and warm, even though it was forecasted to be rainy and grey. Heck, we even had bar-b-q again!

I am sitting here blogging about it. That's how apparent the incredible-ness was today. Whether you had just one or many reasons to feel this way, I hope you had a day worth remembering.

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