Saturday, July 26, 2008


You've heard of U.F.O.s, right? Well I haven't had any sightings of them in my lifetime, but I have had sightings of several P.F.O.s at my house.

What's a P.F.O.? It is a Partially Finished Object.

I love to make things. I love to find the instructions for the perfect project that I want to make. Write down all the stuff I need to make the perfect project. Go to the store and buy the things that I don't have for the perfect project. Put all the things in a big basket and begin making the perfect project. After the thrill of the "honeymoon" is over, and the realization of the length of time that the perfect project is going take, the basket becomes neglected more days than not and a P.F.O. is born. Here's the one's I've seen lately.

This argyle one is a project that I have just started recently. It technically isn't a P.F.O. yet, since I am still working on it everyday. It has the potential, though, since it will be a pair of socks and I foresee the first one getting finished and the second one being the P.F.O.

This yellow blob is an example of what I have just stated. One sock, partially finished, and sitting in the basket undisturbed. Waiting patiently for me to find interest in it again.

This fair isle beauty is the mother P.F.O. in my house. Not only is this sweater partially started, but it is in a bin in my basement. Which is a shame because it is going to be so gorgeous when it is done.

I am hoping that blogging about this will encourage me to not leave these P.F.O.s alone. I would like to see them become F.O.s! It is up to me to make it so.


Hillary W. said...

I love the argyle should finish that one! :)

Pamelyn said...

Yes, I love the way that looks too.