Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer showers

Dinner is done and the grill is off. Brisk breezes blow the white netting along the porch walls. The night is young but the sun has been overshadowed by the gray-blue clouds wafting in slowly from the west. A summer shower will overtake the town tonight.

Laying on the couch with no media polluting the air; silence is broken by the soft tapping of the drops on the back porch roof. Becoming more steady and swelling with the strength of the storm, you close your eyes to the peaceful noise of the rain.

There are no thunder claps or flashes of light putting on a show. Nothing fierce, no drama - this is a blue night. Just that clean smell in the air and the clear water replenishing the earth with moisture.

As night falls and the sun awakens the far away lands, the sweet summer shower calls you to a place of rest. Goodbye for now! I'll be happy to see you when you come again.

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