Monday, July 21, 2008

A time to give

I was invited to a baby shower last Saturday. I heard there were going to be about 45 ladies there. That didn't surprise me since the shower was for Libby and who cannot just love her to pieces? Anyways, I pow-wowed with my mother in law (who is the crochet-queen) and we got a purple and white baby hat-dress-coat-booties-blanket ensemble gift together that was fit for a little princess.

Oh, did you hear that Libby is having a princess? Well, she is. And from what I was told by the queen mom-to-be, there hasn't been a name that they found that is special enough to dub her with yet.

I got to the celebration, parked on the street, and found myself with a houseload of wonderful ladies. I didn't know everyone but that didn't matter. It was a starting point of getting to know the sisters in my church. We had delicious food, fabulous conversations, and Libby was given great gifts.

A time to give. What a wonderful notion. Libby was blessed by it and so were all 45 of us sisters.

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Anonymous said...

True! She is definitely a princess and I just can't find the perfect name for her! So glad you could come - she will love her beautiful is fit for a princess!
- Libby