Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mouse damage

This is a deceptive title, actually. We do not have mice in the house. The only one we did have was promptly zero-ed in on by our trio of cats (when we still had a trio). They were acting all attentive in the back room, looking behind a little stand in the corner. When I went to investigate, sure enough, there was a teeny grey house mouse under the tv stand. Well, Tiki wound up with the prize and did not want to let that little thing go. But in favor of him not eating it and leaving bloody guts on the floor as a provisionary act of love so we too could have a snack later, we pryed his mouth open enough to get the scared little creature out of his mouth, and set him free in the forever wild area behind our house. He was probably the same mouse that made nests in the motor of our riding lawn mower and set up his winter penthouse suite in the box that stores the plastic holy family lawn figurines that I set up in the front yard at Christmas time. That's what you get when you try to be nice to rodents.

I am talking about our cat. She has some weird ideas about how her daily life is supposed to pan out. When I found her, she was a wee little kitten up for adoption by a shelter. We have been pretty good at finding decent, homeless pets from shelters, Mouse included. She was so small and cute and I couldn't go home without her, which was ok because I was looking for a kitten that day. She really bonded with Vince. He would pick her up and let her sprawl out on his desk while he talked to her and pet her. Since she liked being on the desk so much, we decided to call her Mouse because she would lay on the keyboard of the computer and be right at home. As she grew bigger, this was no longer possible. I think this will explain why...

She is a big girl! Can you imagine that laying across your keyboard? And she always thinks about how she will get on one of the desks to hang out. Only this time, it was my desk she jumped onto when it was covered with craft stuff, and in a panic she peeled out across my keyboard and popped the letter "C" key off of my keyboard. Vince was able to get it back on, crookedly. Have you ever played Scrabble? Do you have trouble finding a way to get rid of the letter "C"? You don't realize how many times you use it until you are typing something. So far, in this post, I had to use that one little cock-eyed key 30 something times.

Nevertheless, Mouse is a loving and sweet kitty. If you pet her, she'll be your friend for life. She is fluffy and soft and has the biggest, whitest wiskers on her pretty little face. This is the only Mouse damage I can put up with in my house.

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