Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas village -pt 1

I have to admit, I am one of those people who like to set up the miniature villages at this time of year. I remember going to visit a family who were friends of my parents, and they had a table dedicated to one of the most wonderful Christmas villages I have ever seen. I would stand there and look at it for what seemed to be the entire time we were there. When you are 10 years old, everything at Christmastime is most wonderful, but that really made an impression on my young mind. Over the last several years, I have put together some wonderful scenes of my own.

I can't resist checking out the village stuff in the stores. The prices usually surprised me and I would walk away from it all empty handed. It is hard to start up with just one house, you know what I mean? I also want different village things... not the usual scenery. So, when I found a box of paper houses, I could not resist them. They were made and sold in Canada and I think I found them on eBay. It came on flat sheets and you punch them out of the perforation, fold the pieces into 3D forms, and then fit them all together. Viola - a village house is born! This is what kicked off my miniature Victorian world. Finding the people and accessories was a piece by piece hunt. What fun!

There were six buildings in the box and this is the farm house. Click on the pic for a bigger view. There are deer behind the house, and horses. Simple fences, a boy bringing in the tree, and another bringing in firewood. Kids building a snowman, and you can't see her, but a girl feeding a duck...she is behind the horse and sleigh.

Many more scenes of my village to come......

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