Monday, December 8, 2008

FB Savvy

So, I was at a recording session at my church recently, and one of the guys there was snapping pictures throughout the night. I heard that they were posted on his facebook page the next day, so I tried to go look at them. Well, this guy has his pages hidden unless you are an FB-er and ask him for permission to view his pages.

When I saw that I had to sign up to view them, I said, "no thanks" to myself and went about my business. More days went by and I started to think that I was warming up to the idea of becoming a Facebooker.

As I was so excited about blogging about Retroville the other day, I took my digital camera, told it to take a video and made my little movie reminiscing Christmas in the 50's, blinking and beaming brightly for the camera there on my kitchen shelf.

The excitement came to a screeching halt as I tried twice to upload my film masterpiece to my blog, but was failed to process both times. This was a disappointment since seeing Retroville in film form is so much better than seeing it in still shot form. So my post, as you probably already saw, was motion-picture-less and those flat photos lifelessly represented my most interesting village.

Last night, FB got the best of me and I bit the bullet and signed up. I searched for the name of the roving photographer and found the pics I had been waiting to see for what seemed like so long, an entire 6 days. Facebook looks like a place that I can get used to. And they even posted my movie of Retroville, which gave them kudos in my book! It is much more interactive than I realized, and there are alot of people in there who I know. I even have friends already!

So, if you are interested in checking it out and seeing Retroville come to life, here is my Facebook page

If you cannot get into my page, I guess you will have to bite the bullet and sign in yourself! Please be patient with me as I am still trying to figure out how to be FB savvy.

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