Monday, December 15, 2008


Now that the Ice Storm of 2008 is over, here are some of my reflections:

~Dawn's sun on the ice covered earth is stunning.
~The meteorologists got it right this time for once.
~All the reasons to own a generator.
~Thankful that we own a generator.
~You can never have enough extension cords.

~Whoever invented the home furnace was a genius.
~Battery powered radios are cool, especially retro ones.
~I felt like I was in a 3rd world country when the generator was turned off for the night.
~It gave a new meaning to the words "lights out".
~It's no wonder pre-electricity people went to bed so early and got up at dawn.
~That ice can be so beautiful and so dangerous at the same time.
~If this didn't phase it, then nothing is going to kill my catalpa tree.
~Is this a glimpse of what the crystal clear streets of gold in Heaven look like?
~How some people want to help each other during times of crisis.
~How some people put demands on others during times of crisis.
~That we are such creatures of habit when we turn on the light switch even though the power is out...we are so dependant on the outlet.
~Loosing power was big fun when you were 10!
~You have things to do when you have power-free hobbies like stamping and knitting.
~No time like the present to replace your smoke/co2 detector batteries.
~Candles smell nice but not for super long periods of time.
~How bright and fabulous the moon and stars are when all the lights in town are out.

There are probably more things I pondered, but I forgot them already. Life is back to "normal" again. Will we remember lessons from this? I hope we are all more ready for the big storm next time, whenever that will be.

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