Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bye bye, Mr. Fish

When you get a pet, you know that you will outlive it. It is just the sad reality. Our cute little nemo look alike came into our house and graced us with his presence for about six-ish years. He was just always there in that little tank in the living room. Every now and then he'd smack the surface of the water when he wanted to eat. Laura took care of him when we went away. My mom thought he was dead when she saw him, even though he wasn't. He'd bobble about in the water and do what fishies do and we simply watched him. It's hard to bond with a fish, but he made his place in our home.

As we were getting ready for work yesterday morning, my honey was coming out of the bathroom, looked down and said "what is that?". Behold, it was Mr. Fish. He figured out a way to escape the confines of his tank only to be transported about the house, courtesy of one of the cats, and landed on the rug in the hallway. I think the only thing that spared him of being breakfast was the fact that he was a salt water fish and probably didn't taste enough like salmon supper via Fancy Feast.

So we remain with a vacant 2-gallon salt water tank, and our memories of Mr. Fish, simple as they are. His little life makes me think that simple can be great...bye bye.

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