Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get out the seeds....

According to my Dad, the first planting in the garden can be done on (or around) St. Patrick's Day. Yes, sugar snap peas can be planted right now, ladies and gentlemen! They don't mind the cold. Maybe that is why they are called snow peas. Can you say "stir-fry"? Mmmmm.

As you may remember, my gardening efforts failed miserably last year. I have alot of work to do in order to get it right. Since I am not a green thumb, this is a big challenge, but I am always interested in trying again. There is nothing quite like home grown garden food! My carrots were so sweet and tasty, we want more!

I do not have any sugar snap pea seeds, and my ground is not even close to being cleaned of the debris from the fall and winter. I am not even sure that I know where all my gardening tools are at the moment. But this is exciting! Time to prepare, time to till, time to plant!

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