Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Find

Last weekend, my honey and I took a drive out to Massachusetts for a little day trip. It wasn't even long enough to take up a whole day, it was more like a morning trip. Anyways, there were these two little shops that I found with antiques and collectibles and jewelry and purses and hats. You know what I mean... the kind of stores that women absolutely LOVE and their hubbies pretty much cringe over. Yeah, that's where I went while my guy was in a hobby store. You know what I mean... the kind of store that is crammed with boxes full of models and parts and wires and batteries.

Anyways, we each went to our own places for a little while and I found this beauty-

There was a small pile of tatted bookmarks in a rainbow of color combinations. Being someone who knows how to tat, I was immediately drawn to them. The work is just perfect and I really liked the two tones on this one. Just so lacy and pretty. And it was a crying-shame steal at $4. I asked the store owner where she gets them and she said an elderly woman in town makes them for her shop. She even showed me a picture of her. I had to get it. Not because I needed it, but I wanted to support the efforts of the sweet woman who knotted each stitch.

I love crafts. The idea of taking a pile of nothing special (like string and ribbon) and turning it into a beautiful work of art (like this bookmark) is so appealing to me. It is a reminder of how our good God can take the pieces of our broken lives and turn them into a beautiful masterpiece. What find have you come across lately?

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Anonymous said...

Amen Pam! (I love crafts too Pam)

Blessings~Tiffany Ann