Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maybe, maybe not

Did you ever have a resistance to something and not want to even acknowledge it so that it might not be? Here's some examples: I have a symptom, but if I don't go to the doctor, nothing will be wrong with me. Or: If I break something that belongs to someone, I just won't tell them and they'll never know it was me that did it. How about this one: If I ignore someone long enough, he/she will leave me alone.

Well, I think we all do that to a point. And the thing that winds up changing when we do this is us, not the symptom or the stain on the rug or the other person. This is a matter of your conscience being dulled to its surroundings.

We have been wired to know when we are doing something that is wrong. When you feel that heat on your neck and you kind of feel sick inside. The longer you push through those signs, the more dull you become and the more self centered your life is. The more of you on your mind, the more you ignore God. Eventually, you will forget Him. And the final step is you will not even acknowledge that He is.

God's Spirit - His life breath - is in us. He is wherever we are. This Life gives us a stronger awareness of holiness. That sick feeling isn't to be ignored. He constantly urges us to do what is right, to be like Him.

All of this is to say this - No matter who you are or what you think, NO ONE can overturn God's plans. Whatever He has started, He will see to completion. He is Lord of all! Open up to Him, love Him, and let Him change your life. It's worth it!

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