Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goodness comes to those who wait on Him

Have you prayed for something, and made up a list of what you hoped for in your answer, and then got even more than what you wanted? That happened to me!

My prayer request:
I started looking for work in February.

My list:
1) Part time afternoons
2) Close to home
3) Something in my field
4) Work with someone who isn't mean

I talked to alot of people about the fact that I was available to work and nothing happened for months. After being passed over by places that I thought was going to be "the job", I was getting pretty discouraged. Wanting to stick to my guns over my list, I kept on waiting. Anything that came up was not right - I could tell in my gut it wasn't "the job". 2 weeks ago, I got an interview appointment that seemed promising.

What I was offered after 15 minutes into the interview:
1) Part time afternoons
2) A few minutes from my home
3) In my field
4) He told me he's "not a mean guy"
5) Office located in same building I used to work in when I started out
6) I used to work with one of his clients
7) I can bring Sparkie to work with me if I want to
8) I only need to go in 3 days so I still have 2 afternoons off

How could I say no?

Sometimes you have to wait for the good thing and that is so hard to do. But if you cast your bread out on the water, it will come back to you on every wave, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Only God can do that!

What are you waiting for?

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Anonymous said...

how awesome is this- you can even bring sparkie! Trusting and patience, what an example this is to me. Thanks for sharing.