Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No rest for the weary, yet

There are unsettling things happening in the world these days. We have godless communists testing long-range missles and nuclear weapons. They currently have a ship navigating the waters and it is believed there are weapons being transported on this ship. These men are spouting off about how they will "wipe out" any country who comes against them or tries to stop them. They don't care about peace, only their own oppressive agenda.

On the other spectrum, we have total and continued chaos escalating in the always-in-the-news mid east. Civil uprisings cause people to blow up their own people. Shady elections and suspicion is breaking the people into riots. No outside media personnel are allowed to be there, and the local reporters are being heavily screened over what is in the transmitions of their stories. The people are totally given to their gods but cannot find a way to get along.

We have the same type of ridiculousness happening right here in our own state senate. The Dems and the Pubs are pouting and throwing democracy into turmoil since the coup over two weeks ago. The power party can't have it's own way, so forget about doing what is right and waste the tax-payer's money day after day. The governor has had it and may call in the police to start making arrests.

There is longing for rest all over the world. We are feeling the pains of the ever expanding state of sinfulness and the only way to find peace is by getting it from the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. What can we do? Be aware of the signs of the times. Be prepared for the coming of the Lord. There is still much to come before He reigns, so we must stay wise.

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