Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Start and A Finish

You know the feeling you get when you get to start a project? And the relief of completing one? All excited to begin and expecting the grandeur of seeing the completed item.... I got to experience both of those things tonight!

A couple weeks ago, I got commissioned to quilt a quilt. How exciting! It's been waiting for me to get caught up on some other things so I could start on it. Tonight was the night I could get it put on the long arm so it will be ready for the quilting marathon to begin! I'm hoping to work on the quilting over the weekend. That would be sweet!

Don't you love Card Trick? And these color choices are fantastic!

It's on the rollers! A started project!

I didn't have much gumption tonight but I wanted to finish something that I was asked for over a month ago. My nephew and his wife just had a sweet baby girl and I was asked to make a blanket for her. The requests were: cotton yarn, a rose color, and an open stitch pattern. The first thing that came to mind was the granny square. So I crocheted one that was about 18" and figured I'd make an edging that was knitted. Asymmetrical is "in" so only 2 sides got the alternate treatment. 

Here is the completed blanket. It is quite airy and about 30" square. The granny piece is on the upper right and the knitted sides give it a unique look. I hope baby Eliana feels the love I added to it!

So I experienced the thrill of a start and the thrill of a finish tonight. I'd say that's a good day!

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