Monday, June 10, 2013

One Day At A Time

Does that sound familiar? There was a show in the 70's with that name. I used to watch it. Valerie Bertanelli, Mackenzie Phillips, the single mom, the greasy maintenance guy, all just trying to get the best out of each day. 

There was also a gospel song with that name. I can't remember who sang it. Maybe it was Anita Bryant. But I do recall its theme about being human and wanting to live a life that had greater meaning and higher purposes but the only way to accomplish these things is to do it, with God's help, day by day. 

As I sit at my machine, I think about this fantastic quilt that I am making for Jen. I look at all the pieces stacked neatly, waiting to be sewn into their places. I realize this is a big project! If I stop and set my mind only on the work that still needs to be done, it could become overwhelming. This is the rut that is so easy to fall into. It's a mountain. It's too much. 

But it's not too much when you see it in daily increments. The mountain is climbed step by step. The quilt is sewn day by day! When I approach it thinking "today, I will sew one more row", then I can stay on course. Then, it is a reachable goal. Before I know it, the top will be done, after enough days' goals are reached. 

How is it looking? Here it is, as of today. I love it and can't wait to see the next row (or more) added tomorrow!

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