Monday, June 3, 2013

RITNY - Broken Dishes

Jen's quilt is coming along nicely! I'm on the second set of blocks for it - Broken Dishes. 

Who is up for cutting 248 sets of 1/2-square triangles in one session? I am, I am!!! Especially when I have Star Trek, TNG playing in the background. It moves the time along and before you know it, all of the fabric is cut and you learned something new about space time continuums and plasma field generators. Yes, I am a sci-fi geek. I wonder if they made quilts on the Enterprise. Hmmm.   

So, here are all the pieces needed for the 124 blocks. Ten in a pile plus a small pile of six. I know, that's two too many but ya gotta have extras for good measure!

When they get sewn together, they will come out looking like this. The two tone Broken Dishes block! Woo hoo!!!

Are you feeling the RITNY love? If not, you will soon enough. Tomorrow, I will sew!!!

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