Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting on some sea legs

It was a gorgeous day! Finally! No rain. No cold winds. Just warm sunshine and puffy clouds all around. A great day to be in Lake George.

And a great day to catch a 1-hour cruise!

The boat was a good size.

Don't you love the warm colors and soft curves inside a cruiser?

I was with the best company!

Up the lake we go! Such pretty mountain lake scenery.

Another cruiser was already on her journey back to the docks. We all waived at each other, of course. :)

Back to the village, safe and sound. And no queasy tummies either! So fun. I'd go again!

Have you done a cruise on Lake George? There are 5 cruisers offering rides on the lake. Do you know their names? Have you sailed on any of them?

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