Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hats of Love

Last spring, my quilt club's charity project was making hats for people who have had head surgery or chemo and needed a way to cover their healing scalp. 
Here's an example of one. 

I wanted to continue this on my own, got the pattern together with a sample hat, and started cutting fabric. 

A few days later, I met a woman who came into a store where I was browsing and she wanted a bandana or light scarf for her head with little hair on it. They didn't have anything that would work for her. I saw her, knew why she was there, and heard her disappointment over their goods. 

It would have been easy to walk away from this. But that wasn't what my heart wanted to do. I approached her and offered to make and send her a hat. She told me she was a cancer survivor, was just starting back to work and needed head coverings. I asked what color she wanted. Lavender. A favorite color of mine! She gave me her address and I went home to sew her a lavender hat. 

There is Velcro in the band so it can be custom fit. It's reversible too!

I added pretty stitching around the top 

Off in the mail it went! I hope she likes it. 

Do you get involved in charity projects? What do you make for those in need?

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