Saturday, July 12, 2014

Skills of the 1700's

We went to our favorite place today. The Saratoga Battlefield. They were featuring skilled craftsmen of the revolutionary war times. 

This was a tin smith apprentice. 

He showed us some really cool things that they would make back in the day. He was getting to be a really good cup maker. 

Here's other items the tin smiths made. 

Their tools were simple yet effective. 

There was a blacksmith at work on the other side of the tree. 

The other people I spent time chatting with were the tailors and seamstresses. 

These two were making a woman's undergarment that was a predecessor of the corset. The man was also a cobbler. 

This tailor was working on repairing a pair of woolen pants. 

He was dressed to the hilt in his silk hat, shirt, tie, vest, waistcoat, pants, and wool socks... on a sunny 80 degree day. But he was in the shade and said he was comfortable. 

He showed me these. They were beaded wallets that were handmade by him. 

The larger wallet was full of these papers. Reproductions of Continental Currency! He let me keep this one. It's a United Colonies six dollar note. 

We had great fun talking to the artisans and seeing them at work. Almost makes me wish I lived back then. 

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