Friday, July 11, 2014

Getting Ready for the Fair

It's that time again! The grounds are getting groomed, the buildings are being set up, the place is bustling with activity. It's almost time for the County Fair! 

I'm not the competetive type. I like to enjoy and praise other people's handiwork. But when it comes to the fair, it's game on! Let's see what you've got but I really don't want you to get the ribbon. I want it and I'm not sorry to feel that way. Lol

The entry forms are due in by the 12th. That's tomorrow. My form was hand delivered today. Game on. 

Want to see what I'm entering? This is going against my better judgment but I can't believe there are many, or any, of my competitors who are looking at my blog so here it goes. 

#1. Quilt - baby size. Machine pieced and machine quilted by me. I won't show the entire quilt for obvious reasons. But believe me, this one is an eye-catcher! I will do more FMQ work on it before it's dropped off for judging. 

#2. Tablecloth. Pieced and quilted by me

#3. Wall hanging. Appliqu├ęs and quilted by me.

#4. Hand knit pullover sweater. 

#5. Hand knit scarf. 

#6. Hand knit gloves.

#7. Hand knit hat. 

#8. Machine knit wearable. 

#9. Tatted doily. 

#10. Hand felted tote bag. 

Do you see any winners in here? I'd like to think I have some! What numbers do you like best? Which one(s) do you think will get that coveted ribbon? Are you participating in your county fair? Game on! :)

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cherylann9 said...

Wow great work Pamelyn. Grab some blue ribbons. :) Can't wait to hear how you went.