Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bluegrass in Greenville

Do you like bluegrass music? So do we! After enjoying a Grey Fox in July, we made the day trip to "Bluegrass in Greenville" down in the Catskills Mountains. 

Last summer, we bought a 1957 portable record player and in our search for records, we found an album that was made by a guy who was from our area, Smokey Greene! And he's still using the case on the cover. This album was made in 1981. 

Smokey was at the festival! Today, he's in his 80's and has been playing music for 68 years. We got the chance to meet him and shake his hand. We asked him if he would sign our album when we see him again at the Washington County Fair. Of course he said he would!

He plays his sets with his son so his voice can have a rest. He is also an amazing musician. 

Next up - Jessie Alexander. This is an older photo, since the boys are now young men, but they tore up the floor with their picking!

Here's the Atkinson Family. Another group of mega talent. They have a nice mix of covers and originals. Their harmonies were spot on. 

We stayed until it was too cold to be sitting outside. The event goes on all weekend, is small and personal, offered camping for the weekend, had some vendors and a food stand. We'd go back again next year! 

Look up some if these groups and give them your support. The record industry doesn't show them much love so it's up to us to keep them pickin'!

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