Saturday, August 2, 2014

Vintage Machine Eye Candy

It was a fun day atv the flea market. For some reason, the vendors pulled out their sewing machines and accessories!

This is the creme de la creme of the vintage machines. The Singer Featherweight. It had the original carry case and some accessories. The case had a missing latch and the machine had quite a few nicks on it. It had served its owner well. It was post 1950 but not the 1951 anniversary model. Very nice machine, priced at $350.

This is a Wilcox and Gibbs chain stitch machine. They were made from 1880-1950. Priced at $95. I absolutely love the circular design but passed on it. 

Attachments! But they're for the Greist brand. Fun to look at!

Here's a Wheeler & Wilson treadle machine in a very nice cabinet. $700. Whoa!

The wonderful a Singer 99. The vendor said it sews and offered to plug it in. He was asking $100, which is a good price! It looked great but I passed on it once I tried to pick it up. This is a solid girl!

Side note - We enjoy seeing things like this. This RCA Victor record player screamed 1960. It reminded me of the Silvertone amps from that time. No one knew if it worked. I hope someone buys it and gives it a chance to entertain again. 

Mini machines that were for youngsters are too cute, aren't they? They were over $100 each. 

A repurposed treadle base. Sigh. 

Oh my. These babies really need some love and tenderness to maybe come back to usefulness again. I didn't even ask how much. 

This caught my eye. The cabinet was closed but I saw the power cord on the ground. When I lifted the top, this Featherweight rose up out of the base! The drawer had all its accessories. It was an older model, not shiny paint. Actually, it was filthy! The machine lifted out of the cabinet. Oh yeah! I was interested!

Can you say "singer copy"? $125 for this gorgeousness!

It would be a good table for a sewing room!

I ran into this beauty after we had a bite to eat. <3 u sweetie!

What is it about these boxes that's so special? The cool goodies inside, that's what! You can spot the green box with the red logo with little effort. I picked up this accessory kit so I can pass it along to another Singer owner who doesn't have it. 

I saw this and knew what it was...

Voila! Didn't buy but the price was low. I had it down to $40. 

A turquoise machine made by White. Lovely!

Remember the Featherweight in the cabinet? She came home with me. I was able to buy her and the accessories on their own. I got a good price! Her motor ran but didn't sew. After cleaning and oiling and reassembling and adjusting her, I got a nice stitch to come out of this machine made in September of 1935. 

So I think I made out really well with the cool machines I got to see and the one that made it home with me! Do you have a vintage machine? 

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