Sunday, August 17, 2014

Enders Made Into A RITNY

What's a RITNY? It's my mystery quilt pattern from 2013. You can find the instructions in the mystery tab on the top of the blog. This quilt that placed 2nd in my county fair that same year!

What's an ender? They are small scraps that are sewn together at the end of another piece that is sewn. It's like you are working on two projects at the same time. It's a thread saver, too!

I was taught as a young girl to sew onto a small scrap piece of fabric and leave the pressure foot down when the sewing was done. If I'm going to sew a seam onto a scrap, why not have it sew something useable? 

Bonnie Hunter has written books on beautiful quilts to make with "leaders and enders" of scraps. 

Here's my Ringing in Thd New Year quilt with my scraps of enders. 

I have piles, all made from enders, of 1/2 square triangles ready to be made into broken dishes blocks and squares ready to be made into 4-patch blocks. 

The layout plan begins!

Sew blocks together two by two, and then four by four, etc. 

The rows get completed. 

And then everything gets connected and bordered. 

That's my award winning pattern! Have you made ender pieces? 

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