Friday, November 13, 2015

Featherweight Project - Evergreen Tree Card

Now that we have some skills with attachments under our belt, let's put them to use!
It's the perfect time to combine our sewing with card making! If you need any instruction for machine basics and posts on how to use the accessories, go to the Featherweight Skill Series tab on my blog, or at my website

I had these nice strips of green and gold cotton. Very evergreen-y. They were 2-1/2" x 32" but you can use ones that are longer and trim them to the length you want later.

I wanted a star on the top of my tree. Here were my options:

I glued the star onto a piece of red felt for stability and trimmed it around its outline.

Set up the Foot Hemmer and hem one long edge of the strip. 

Set up the Ruffler and pleat the other edge of the strip. I set the Ruffler on 6 and the sewing machine stitch length around 12. Get the fabric into the unit and guides as  Hold onto the threads and fabric when you start sewing and gently encourage the fabric to move along out from the back as it is sewn.

Lay the ruffled strip down onto cardstock in a tree shape. Hot glue it down to keep it in place. 
You can use a simple premade card or make your own card from scratch. This one was a homemade card that needed a little more something on it. The tree gave it what it needed!

This is another one I did that had an unhemmed edge and was ruffled on every stitch with the longest stitch length. It was much shorter and more full than the other one. It made a smaller tree but looks really cute on the offset squares!
I think these trees would look great decorated with buttons or mini ornaments. 

What will you come up with for your Evergreen Tree card design? Share your pics on my Facebook Group "Featherweight Skill Series" and have more fun using your Featherweight!

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