Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Featherweight Skill Series - The Ruffler, Part 2

Thank you for coming to my Featherweight Skill Series! There are thousands of us who love our little 221s but need or want a little more "know-how" on using them to their fullest potential. I hope my posts and videos will help you get more know-how and confidence in using your beautiful Featherweight. Enjoy the classes!

Class #10 - Ruffler, part 2

Class supply list:
Your fully threaded sewing machine with the Ruffler, several practice pieces of fabric: 4" x WOF (width of fabric), ribbon or ric rac.

Let's get sewing!

The Ruffler has the ability to sew several layers of fabrics together at once. But they need to be set in the unit in the proper way. 

We'll refer to these part names.

The lowest layer feeds through the separator guide but stays underneath the separator blade so it won't be pleated during sewing. 

Place the second fabric through the separator guide and between the separator blade and the ruffling blade. This layer will be pleated during sewing. 

Feed the ribbon in the slot in front of the needle hole. If you have ric rac, you can feed it into the notch.

And here's what you get! Three layers of fabric with only the middle layer pleated. 

Isn't that cool? You can make your own embellishments. The combinations are sky high! What combinations will you come up with?

Homework: Take your fabric and sew multiple layers together!  

I hope you have been encouraged to use your Ruffler.  Please share your pics on our Facebook group page, Featherweight Skill Series, so we can see your creations! 

If you like the series, share the link with your friends, pin it to Pinterest, join my Facebook group... Most importantly, "Let's get sewing!"

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