Sunday, November 22, 2015

Featherweight Project - Shirred Ornament

When we had class 8 on using the Gathering Foot, I wanted to use this technique on something special. Here's an idea I had for it - a shirred ornament!

The soft texture of the fabric gives an interesting contrast to the tree. And using a fabric with some shine is perfect for the holidays. See August 28th's class 4 if you need a refresher on Needles, Fabric, and Pressure Control.

Let's learn how to make this!

Supply list: a piece of shirred fabric. Choose a lightweight fabric (I used silk) and use elastic thread in the bobbin for the best results. An ornament. Scissors, needle and thread. Ribbon.

The lighter the fabric, the better it will shir and wrap around your ornament. Look in the remnant bin for silks or lining fabrics at a reduced price! The size of the shirred fabric will depend on the size of your ornament. Measure around the widest part and double that number. If your ornament is 6" then your fabric should be 12" by 7". 

Shir the fabric in  parallel lines to get the effect on my example. After it's shirred, wrap it around the ornament to make sure it covers all the way around. Trim if needed. The side seam should overlap up to an inch for the seam allowance. 

If your fabric doesn't make it all the way around, you can still use it. I'll show an example at the end on how to work around it.

Take the shirred strip. Hand sew a running stitch across the top edge.

Lay the ornament on the wrong side of the fabric and wrap the fabric around it. Take the next running stitch into the edge where you started sewing and pull it tight around the top of the ornament. Secure with a knot.

Do the same thing to the bottom edge of the ornament. Turn the raw edge under as you sew the running stitch. 

Connect the ends and pull tight. Secure with a knot. 

Adjust the fabric around the ornament until it looks evenly covered. On the side edges, overlap them and turn one edge under, pin to hold in place.
Sew the side edge closed.

Add a bow or whatever you think looks pretty. Or add nothing. It's pretty as-is!

My ends didn't meet. So I positioned the peep hole around one of the flowers on the ornament. I did the running stitch on the raw edges that were turned under and secured at the end with a knot.
Another thing you can do is use your edge stitcher to add another piece of fabric to extend it to the length you need.  See class #11 for instruction on using that accessory!

I hope this project idea has encouraged you to shir some fabric and make a 221 inspired ornament or two! Show us your creations on my Facebook Group, Featherweight Skill Series. See all my posts and videos at the tab on the top of the page by the same name. Thanks for checking out my series? Let's get sewing!

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