Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Ruffler - Oiling Points

Any time you have a part with gears and metal moving along metal, care is needed to keep things working well. Our Ruffler attachment is no exception.

Only put ONE DROP OF OIL in each spot. Over oiling will cause drips that will stain your fabric and that would look awful on your completed project. If you have trouble controlling the amount of oil coming out of your dispenser, dip a toothpick into the oil and set it on the spot where you want the drop if oil to go.

I oil it in six places to keep it (and me) working happy!

At the adjusting screw

At the connection on the adjusting finger

At the end pin of the gears

The gears

The slider bar at the base of the unit

The hinge for the slider bar

Do not put oil in any area where your fabric comes in contact with the ruffle plate metal. After you've oiled all the points, make it function, either by hand or on your machine, to distribute the oil around. You should feel it operates smoothly. Slide the bottom of the unit across your palm to make sure no oil is dripping down to where the fabric will come in contact with it. If there is oil on the lower plates, clean it off with scrap fabric. Clean out any pieces of lint or goo that you see in the unit. 

The oil will lubricate the unit for a long time. You're all set to make miles of ruffles and pleats!

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