Friday, March 4, 2016

Twirling Fans, Part 1

I was looking at some quilt "eye candy" on Pinterest and came across a quilt on this blog.

I really liked the look of the spinning Dresden plate fans and had to make one! I enjoy the challenge of trying to backward-engineer projects so here's my attempt at making my version of it, sans pattern. 

About six months ago, my mom gave me a bin full of Dresden plate wedges and a box of variously sized strips. 

I knew I wanted to make something unique with the wedges and the Twirling Fan quilt fit that bill! The wedges were sorted out by shade intensity.  Then they were paired up with dark strips for the caps.

I wanted to make twelve blocks, like in the sample I saw in the blog. I needed forty-eight fans, each fan was made out of four wedges.  

The strip sewing process makes it move along pretty quick!

All the wedge angles were cut up into the added strips. Then the tops were sewn shut.

The looked like soldiers standing in rows!

Each tip was turned and then the wedges were sewn into fans of four. 

Every fan had the same color in the tips.

After all the fans were made, the next big step needed figuring out. How to cut and assemble the blocks! See that in part two!

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