Friday, May 23, 2008

5 day weekend

This is a holiday weekend, of course, but for me, it is a little more than that. I have, not 3, but 5 days off! Hooray!!! Today is going to be the work day. I have alot planned and we'll see if it all gets done.
First, I'll throw a load of wash in while I go have a cup of coffee with my mother. If there was more time to do that kind of thing, I certainly would do it way more often. My mom is the best and I love fitting visits in with her. Then, I want to get my groceries under control but have to be home by 1:00. My niece is stopping by to pick up her Stampin' Up order from me. After that, it's yard detail time: putting down landscaping fabric, weeding, mulching, etc. Then I have to clean all the winter debris off of my deck so we can sit out there and have summer fun for weeks to come.
Wow, so much for a "day off". At least the next 4 days will be free and clear.

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