Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's a busy weekend

Ah..... Mother's day weekend is upon us.

I tried to start early and went to see my Mom last night after work. I put Sparkie and the humongous hanging basket of blooming fuscias in my car and zipped over to spend some time with her and to give her a head start on the Mother's Day celebrations. The basket was promptly hung on their front porch for maximum viewing pleasure.

After that, had four stores to go to before getting home to make dinner so I couldn't stay as long as I would have liked. Fortunately, I was able to get two things accomplished in one store, which saved me about 20 - 30 minutes of additional driving, parking, walking, hunting, finding, purchasing, walking, and driving again. Gotta love the little things when they come your way!

Today, I have to get all the supplies ready for the Stampin' Up party that I am directing on Monday night. Also have to go over the songs for church tonite and tomorrow morning. Rehearsal is at 3:30 but since we are early birds, we will be there around 3:00.

Tomorrow, we will be home by 1:30. I have to make gluten free brownies, which are heavy and rich like fudge and super fabulous with milk or coffee. Then, with brownies in hand, at 5:30 we are going to a wedding. It is for my oldest nephew and will be a small, family only event. Best of everything to you, Scott and Ethel!

Then there is the possibility that my oldest niece will go into labor this weekend too. She was due last Wednesday so their little baby boy, Landon, should be here any day now. Just waiting for that phone call!

So this is way more than your typical Mother's Day weekend. It is like a musical, artsy, expectant, culinary Mother's day with a wedding on top. Should be one for the books!

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