Monday, May 19, 2008

How can I talk about a baby . . .

and not show a picture?
This is little Landon. All together now.... awwwwww.
He is 5 days old today. I got to meet him for the first time this afternoon. He was rather busy moving his arms and yawning and crying and stuff like that. Fortunately, I arrived only moments after the poopy diaper was changed and he was done spitting up and burping. Good timing means everything when it comes to dodging poopy diapers.
The stories started flying about the time in the hospital, who was in the delivery room, contractions, dialations, most effective pushing procedures, epidurals..... None of which are exactly my area of expertise and normally I get woozy thinking about hospitals. I would rather go to the dentist, and we know how I feel about that! Nevertheless, they were Sarah's stories, and I was interested in hearing them.
As Landon became cute and quiet, I was offered a moment to "hold the baby". Again, not a task that I am totally comfortable with, but I said I would take him. The moment he was placed in my arms, he started to cry. Go figure. I guess babies can just tell that I am a cat and small dog person.

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