Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lawn and Garden battles......

I am told that the time to spread your weed and feed fertilizer is when the forsythia bushes are in bloom. You know what forsythia bushes are, right? The ones that get covered with the yellow blooms and whenever someone sees one they get all warm and fuzzy inside and say, "Oh my, look at that. How beautiful! Spring is here!". For those of us who have, or have ever had, a forsythia bush know how weed-like they are and will only be blooming beautifully for about 10 days, and then you are stuck with something that looks more like a dwarfed, green, hyper-active yucca tree for the rest of the year. Thankfully, I do not have one of these things in my yard.

Well, besides all that, I saw the yellow blooming forsythia bushes in the neighborhood, trucked myself over to the store and got my bag of weed and feed. I could barely lift it because it weighed around 45 lbs and I never have to lift anything by myself that is heavier than my very overweight 15 pound cat whose name, oddly enough, is Mouse. After getting home with the granules that will transform my lawn into a sea of luscious green goodness, I barely lifted the bag out of the trunk, poured it into our handi-dandy spreader and went to town. Oh man! I was a-weedin' and I was a-feedin' and I was so proud of myself because it was going to rain that evening, and my timing was just perfect!

It has been a week since I put that stuff down. It has not rained. I can only hope that the morning dew has made it ever-so-slowly dissolve into the ground so it can do it's work. My spreader adventures are not over, though. The next thing to administer is the grub-ant-flea-tick-spider-chigger-webworm-whitefly-earwig-aphid-mealybug-mosquito killer, all of which live quite happily in our yard and Sparkie manages to come in contact with on a regular basis. I will not elaborate on THOSE stories.

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