Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Legal Lingo

Subpeona duces tecum

I will never forget the first time I heard these words. (sub-PEE-na DOO-seas TEE-come) I was working for an in-house counsellor for a large company, and this was part of a letter he was writing. "What on earth does that mean?" I asked. The way he explained it made alot of sense.

We probably already know what a Subpeona is: A document calling someone to court or other tribunal, being subject to a penalty if you fail to comply.

Nice, huh? And if that isn't threatening enough, let's add the rest to it.

Duces Tecum: To appear with specified documents or records. Basically, the latin words for "bring tangible evidence with you".

So there you are. The next time you are asked to meet with someone, you can ask them if you need to go "duces tecum".

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