Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 pictures - 5000 words

Tuesday was one of those days when my honey would be in conference meetings all day and I would go see things that he couldn't care less about. What to do... what to see... where to go...

The art museums it is! There are three of them and I went to them all!

The breath taking lobby of the Museum of Art. The marble pillars were about 50 feet tall and the fountain in the center was topped with the bronze statue and surrounded by the most beautiful flowers.

How well do you know the master painters? Can you name the famous painters of these four works of art?

I wasn't so sure that I wanted to go to the art museums. I have been to galleries before and am usually not enthralled over the experience. This was different. There were people sitting and sketching things. Some would sit on a bench just looking at the masterpieces. It was very right-brained. There were guards everywhere. Walking into Gallery #85 where the Monet works were hung actually took my breath away. What an amazing experience. Seeing a reprint is great. Seeing the original is so much better!

I saw a sketch that was drawn in 1505. I gazed on ancient Chinese vases. I saw a painting done by Leonardo da Vinci. There were perfectly formed statues in stone and in various kinds of metal. Craftsmen have been at it for centuries. Art is a part of man. Creativity is a trait of our good God and He gave it to us to enjoy. I am really glad I decided to go to the art museums. I walked out feeling inspired.

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Laura said...

Sounds fun. I went the the famous library in NYC and saw Gutenburgs bible and it was the same feeling...guards standing there and the feeling of wonder!