Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Countdown to DC

So, there are only four more days of preparing before we get on that plane early Monday morning.

Interesting enough that the airline is the same one as the airline that crashed into the river not even a couple weeks ago. Not having been on a plane in a very long time, this scenario can't help but fuel a teensy bit of concern in the back of one's mind.

Which reminds me of the first time I boarded a plane. My sister was living in the orient, and my parents and I were going to go see her. This was during a spree of problems with planes where the cargo doors would be ripped off during takeoff, the landing gear would malfunction, some crashed due to pilot error, and most disturbingly, engine failures. One even had an engine fall off of the wing. Of all the plane styles out there, the one we were to take half way around the world had every one of these accidents on their list. Go figure. Nevertheless, we boarded and got there (and back) with no problems.

Now we are considering the details of our time away. What has to be packed. Who is going to do what while we are gone. Whether or not we can get away with just carry ons. Double checking that our life insurance policies are paid up. tee hee! What fun! I love to travel!

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