Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crock Pot Lovin'

We all agree that this time of year gets us wanting warm-you-to-the-bones sorts of dinners. I was talking to my friend, Libby about the crock pot she just got for Christmas. We are giving each other ideas of the lovin' recipes we can make in our time-saver dinner makers.

I just found this link for Campbell's Kitchens where they offer several crock pot recipes. Click on the recipe ideas link on the left side, and then on the slow cookers link on the right side. I'll have to admit, some of them sound really tasty!

Alton Brown from Good Eats is another genius that I have learned from and achieved cooking success from and will evermore hail as king of the kitchen. I have made his tapioca pudding in the crock pot. So creamy and delicious!!! This fan page link will give you his incredible recipes. I have never not liked any of his recipes. Even when I tried the collard greens, which have the potential of getting slimy and soggy, and we all know how much I hate those textures in my food. Can you say gag me? OK, sorry for the digressing. Back to the point. :)

Today, I am crocking up a nice beef stew in my crock pot (set up in the conference room here at work) for some friends. They just had a baby and I am swinging by after work with their dinner. Banquet Crock Pot Classics can be found in the freezer section at the store and the Beef Pot Roast is really good. You can keep it GF if you add beef stock instead of the gravy packet, and thicken it yourself when it is done. Sometimes I'll add GF noodles and omit the potatoes for a casserole type result. Regardless of how it is served up, crock pot cooking definately dishes out the love!

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