Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Countdown - Project 2 of 5

People laugh when I say stuff like, "I have 5 projects to finish and I have 11 days. Oh, I have plenty of time!" Well, this project was a quickie. I knew it was going to get done fast and I am very pleased with the outcome.

If you remember, I made a Holly and Berry Runner for someone and gave it to her last Wednesday. That runner was so beautiful, I thought it would be amazing to do a couple of placemats to match it and make it a very festive set. The lady who wanted the runner is a friend so I plan to give these to her as her Christmas present this year. I think it will be a great gift and a big surprise!

There was no pattern for this placemat. I had the initial leaf block sitting there and a little bit of green material left, and plenty of the red. So after thinking about it for a while, I came up with the green stripe on the side where you'd put your silverware and the leaf for the plate. It was FMQ'd like the runner. The borders are bigger, in order to make it large enough to fit a place setting.

I can foresee making this in other colors for other seasons. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

It's totally wonderful when one takes one pattern idea and adapts it into others, as you did with your placemats. I could definitely see this done in autumn colours as well.