Saturday, December 1, 2012

I dub you, ThistleFire

A new month! December can be a magical time or frantic time or a sad time. The holiday season is HERE and my sewing room is going to make the best of it!
How fitting it was to open the door this morning and see this scene. Pretty and clean. Makes you want to buy presents and decorate things with shiny colors, doesn't it?
My sewing room has a name! This was no easy task. My Scottish heritage had to be part of it as well as the statement of my burn to create. ThistleFire sounded right! And it sounded right to Etsy too.
Yes, I finally did it. Many people have been telling me stuff like, " should really start an Etsy shop..." and "...why don't you go to craft shows..." Today is ThistleFire's Grand Opening!
As of the opening, I only have 1 item listed - the Key Wristlets. Other things will go up as time allows. I still have a day job! I have to take some better pictures of the Car Seat Cozy and get that up as well. There are other things I'd like to develop and display. All in good time! But this is step one! It's a great way to begin the month!

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