Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 FMQ Project Progression

The start of 2012 meant the start of really trying to get FMQ'ing into my sewing skills. After watching LOTS of video tutes from Leah Day, I finally got my nerve up and began to do it.

Here is an early practice fabric sandwich that shows I could certainly make my way around with the stitches...

but the back was a mess! I really thought my machine was broken at one point. My mother disagreed with me and said to keep practicing and working it out.

More stitches and experiments. I seem to be good at circular movement.

but the bobbin side was better but still off. Argh! I read that this was something that happens when you are learning so you just have to work through it until you get the rhythm of the needle speed in sync with the speed you move the fabric. Another setting I was missing was making sure everything in the stitch setting was at zero. I was having trouble stitching backwards when I realized that one setting was not cleared out.

This was a piece that I used to play around with tension dial settings in order to better understand how they affected the stitches.

I finally worked out the learning curve and was able to complete a sampler bed quilt with FMQ on every square!

Leah's wholecloth project was an eye catcher. I really wanted to make it. I made it a little smaller than the pattern called for; it came out great! I found it was a little easier to FMQ in a small stitch pattern. It slowed me down and the stitches were nice and even.

When early summer hit, I joined in on going modern! This blanket is a prize, in my eyes anyways. I use it every day.

In my quilting club, we made this mystery project that wound up being a pumpkin. Nice! It was turned into a bed runner.

Leah offered many filler options, many of which I didn't get to do but some of them that I did try were: Lost Data, Paisley, Triangle Paisley, and tree roots. I had to get set up in my house so my sewing room, which I now call ThistleFire, came into existence!

When the holidays began to draw near, I was off and running with those projects! Not all of them needed FMQ, except my favorite set...

My Holly and Berry Runner and placemats were gorgeous, but thanks to FMQ, they became even more special!

When people were admiring the FMQ on this project, I felt so satisfied that I pushed through the bad moments and learned it! I really wanted to give up. I didn't want to face my inability. It was worth the work. I absolutely LOVE the things I can make. I even went out and got a serger! Hopefully, there will be more time for me to try out new FMQ stitches. As always, I will be checking in on Leah's site in 2013 for more inspiration. Maybe you will too!


Karin said...

Enjoyed reading your post...what a learning curve indeed. And how quickly you seem to have got the hang of it. Well done for perservering. Hoping to see more of your work in the New Year

Gwyned Trefethen said...

Proof positive that perseverance pays with FMQ. Getting the needle/pedal synchronization to work is the tough. Now that you've got it there is nothing stopping you.

Pamelyn said...

Thanks! We all inspire each other. Let's keep it up in 2013!

Marelize Ries said...

Goes to show, if you really want to do something, nothing will get in your way.. Well done, looks fantastic..

Stella Nemeth said...

We all grew so much this year, didn't we? I love your projects. Give yourself a pat on the back.