Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sewing to Give

I know some of the most wonderful, caring ladies at Second Saturday Quilting Club! And we are on a mission...
After Hurricane Sandy swept through the east coast, there countless people who came out of the other end of the storm to find that they lost everything. Flood waters and winds gave no preference to what home would stand and what one wouldn't. Can you imagine life as usual in the morning and then having to face the reality of having little or nothing by that evening? Neither could we, therefore we want to help. We can sew! Not for our loved ones or ourselves. Now, we sew so we can give.
Today, a handful of us got together and started sorting out fabric, deciding who can do what, and began the process of making blankets to be sent to those who are without from the storm.
Here's our fabric table, piled with pieces that can be fashioned into a blanket of warmth.
We all brought sewing machines and started stitching fabric together. Strips make a wonderfully fun and interesting looking blanket!
Even the kitchen countertop was put to use as a cutting station. Our fearless leader, Janis is getting her pieces in order so she can get stitching.
Some blanket tops were in the works or completed ahead of time, ready to be finished. This one will be an amazing gift for someone's home.
Here is one that I was working on. (sorry it's blurry) Does it look familiar at all? It's very similar to the Car Seat Cozy I developed. This one is made on a much larger scale and has additional border pieces to make it more suited for an twin sized bed.
We will meet again in January to get as many blankets done as we can. Some of us will continue to work on tops until then.
Can you sew? Does this project interest you? Would you like to help in some way? If you would like have a part in this mission, please let me know and I can give you more information.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! You did not waste any time posting! liz

Pamelyn said...

well... the best time to write is when you are inspired. And you all inspired me today!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pam! You inspire us, too! Janis

Anonymous said...

Congrats, great job.