Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thoughts on set in triangles

 Set in triangles - eeeek! gasp! choke!!!

Working "on point" is an interesting undertaking. You suddenly have the ability to make your projects bigger faster, which I absolutely LOVE, but you also have to deal with cutting those 1/2 and 1/4 square "set in triangles" along the edges of your work. Unless your project is to have pointy edges, in which case, my project has pointy ends so no 1/4 square triangles are needed.

I'm not sure what it is about the trianges that makes them so tricky to figure out. They're just squares cut in half the long way. You add a little extra on the sides to make up for seam allowance. I use an app to help me know what size to make them. And if they're too big, that's ok. I can trim the ends!

A couple months ago, I purchased the Companion Angle ruler. It's great for cutting 1/2 square triangles and flying geese pieces. Out it came tonight to help make ease of my set in pieces. After putting a couple of squares down, it was immediately apparent that it would not be my companion tonight. Alas, the ruler was too small. On to plan B.

I wound up resorting to using this cutting board. It's kind of small and I don't use it much, but it has the 1/2 and 1/4 square lines on it. They really come in handy for moments like this! They're also great for squaring up squares that aren't square anymore.

My app told me to cut 10-3/8" squares and cut them on the diagonal for my set in size. I lined up the cutting guide along the lines on the board and cut 4 squares into 8 triangles. I need 6 for my project but I will be making another runner so 2 will be saved for the next one.

I didn't mind that the triangle was a little big. Sew the pieces together diagonally. There is sashing along the edges and the sides can be trimmed down after all the pieces are put together. It's easier to take away than dealing with pieces that are a little too small.

After all 4 leaves were sashed and all 6 set in trianges were set in, this is what I had. Nice, don't ya think? The entire piece will be edged in the same red binding. It's really coming along!

I hope you give set in trianges a chance! It's not that difficult when you have the tools and the know how for cutting them. Share your thoughts here or show your pictures with us at the Pamelyn's Postings page on Facebook. Stitch on!

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