Thursday, December 26, 2013

Border Experiment

I've been pondering the direction to take on my border for Celtic Solstice. Remember in clue 2 where we cut the corners off of the strips to complete the chevron blocks? And Bonnie mentioned that those triangles were pretty small to use. . .well,  I saved them. I thought about them. I sewed some together. I measured the little blocks and thought some more.

There are a lot of these things, and they are tiny! There must be a way to use them. Maybe sewn into pinwheels. Or little broken dishes. Or ocean waves. What if I put them with a larger piece of fabric, like in delectable mountains? That could work! 

Instead of making the whole block, I put the tiny sawtooth rows on the sides of the larger triangles, ended them with single triangles at the top and bottom of the teeth. That gave me a straight 3" wide strip of hills and valleys! I think it will look good on CS, telling the eye where the edge of the quilt is.  

There's my border experiment. It will be interesting to see how it will fit on the quilt! I have many sections to make but can bang them out on the days after the week's clue is done. Maybe most of it will be ready when I need it! Are you going to do a border design on your mystery quilt? What color(s) will you put on it?

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Shirley said...

Ooh I love it! Can't tell if it' suites the Celtics Solstice quilt, but it looks terrific just lying there. Must be a bit mad, knowing how many tiny pieces you need for na entire border, but don't let it hold you back.