Sunday, December 22, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery Project - Clue 4

What a great weekend! The last one before Christmas! The fridge is stocked, the shopping is done, the presents are wrapped, and clue 4 of Celtic Solstice is out! Are you posting or surfing in the link up? Either way, it's great fun! Isn't it?!!!

But first things first, we had a show to go to on Saturday. Christmas with the Rat Pack - Live at the Sands at the beautiful Proctors Theater. Loved it! This is the book they handed out showing the gorgeous ceiling architecture inside the theater.

No pictures allowed during the show. This was what I snapped during intermission. 

We are Rat Pack fans. I'd see this show again and again! Sammy, Dean, and Frank with a trio of sisters and a big band... You can't go wrong! I bet it was amazing during their hey-day.

I got a late start on clue 4, but this clue will be done in one day! If you want to see a tutorial on my cutting techniques, check out this post.

Since I was really low on orange, I had to buy a few fat quarters to get this clue going. Here's the 2" strips getting sewn together.

When they're getting ironed, I separate them up green color. That way, it's easier to pair the strips up for cutting - the dark greens and light greens will get matched.

Don't you love it when you get done sewing and find this? Whoa! That was close!

Cutting the sets for the next sewing step is easy when you line things up with your tools! 

120 sets ready to go under the needle, all facing the same direction, as per Bonnie's instructions. I got one extra pair of strips back by my iron, just in case I need 'em. And I did need to replace one that had salvage in it, so I was glad the spare strip was handy. 

I love making 4-patch squares! They are seam-spinned clockwise. 

Done! 20 squares in each of the 6 piles. Those green ones look like they have a face in them. Haha!

Let me take a moment to say, Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a happy 2014.

And Sasha and Sparkie say "woof" and stuff. 

Catch you next week. I gotta go - White Christmas is on!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Beautiful work and such cute little dogs! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Vireya said...

Cute dogs! That was quick work getting them done in one day. It took me three sessions, but I was working on other stuff in between.

Happy Christmas!

Anita said...

You're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

This is only my second quilt and looking at your pictures is a great help to me
in choosing colours. Thanks. Have a very Happy Christmas!
Mary C

Debra Crumbaker said...

Yes, you are right in that the little green square look like they have faces on them. They're kind of like the faces from "The Scream" by Munch (I think that is the artist's name). Nice work showing your progress.

DaniQuilts said...

Great post! Beautiful work. Usually I play It's a Wonderful Life for my wrapfest, but I may have to go hunt down White Christmas….

Pamelyn B said...

Thanks Kevin!

Pamelyn B said...

Good job getting yours done! I didn't do them all in one sitting but was knew they could be done in one day!

Pamelyn B said...

Hi Mary. If you want an easier Mystery Quilt to do, you can check out mine. Go to the tab that says Mystery Projects. Let me know if you try it out!

Pamelyn B said...

Thanks Anita!

Pamelyn B said...

I was thinking it looked more like Kevin doing the "aaaaagh!" face in Home Alone! haha!

Pamelyn B said...

Dani! I found White Christmas in the Netflix archives. Bob Wallace is the name my dad goes by so I absolutely have to watch it every year! It's hard to take your eyes off of the dancing while doing other things. Have fun choosing your movie for your wrapfest!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Sasha and Sparkie are just too cute. Love the colors you are using bright and happy.

Andee said...

The mystery parts look good, the tree is beautiful and love the doggies too!

Sadie said...

Hello Pamelyn, I admire you organized and structured approach. Say - are you cutting your 2" pieces across multiple strip sets? I think that may work I have a long ruler. You will be one of the first ones with a finished quilt top....can't wait.
Cheers from Sadie in Germany

Pamelyn B said...

Thanks Rhoda! I like lively colors!!

Pamelyn B said...

Hi Andee! The doggies are my furry little kiddos.

Pamelyn B said...

Hi Sadie! Thanks for visiting my blog all the way from Germany!

Here's what I do with the cutting:
-I cut my strips individually at first, keeping the fabric neatly set aside in case I need to cut more.
-Then they get put right sides together, as in Bonnie's instructions, sew and press open. Pair them up again, per Bonnie's instructions.
-Then I place those strip sets down so they are staggered up the cutting mat, no more than two sets overlapping. If you put five sets down, you can cut 10 pairs at a time in 2 passes with the cutter.

Does that make sense? I can set up a post so you can see a visual of it. Visuals always help me with this kind of thing! Thanks for your question!

Sadie said...

Hello Pamelyn, you and your sister kept me busy sewing and laying out new formats. Thank you for your offer. It does make sense. I was working on the yellow /orange HST yesterday. I am getting there. It is very nice to interact it helps push me forward. Thanks of that.