Friday, December 13, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery Project - Clue 3 Cutting

It's another Friday so we get another clue for Celtic Solstice! Half Square Triangles are so fun to make and versatile to work with. This won't be an extensive tutorial, like last week, since the 1/2 square triangle is a staple block in our piecing portfolio. And making pinwheels... how fun; it brings the kid out in me!

My colors, or some of them, for this clue.

I showed my hubby this scrap and said, "I'm making triangles!" To which he said, "It looks like a dorito!" And he's right. Sparkle would like a taste!

I love using the Easy Angle ruler. If you don't have one, get a Joanne's 40% off coupon and go get one! You'll be glad you did. Right sides together and zip! You got a set of triangles all ready for sewing into squares.

My mystery quilt, Ringing In The New Year, also uses the Easy Angle. If you want to make a less intensive mystery quilt, try that one out! There is a tab at the top of the blog for my mystery project. It would be a fun one to take on after the holidays are over. I have lots of pics and give clear instructions. Let me know if you make one!

After a session of cutting, my 200 sets of dorito and cheddar chip pieces are all cut! Don't they look delicious? They'll make 100 squares and 25 pinwheels. I'll get going on the sewing tomorrow while were getting whomped with snow. My quilting club Christmas meeting was canceled tomorrow so I'll be sewing these up!

I found the best way for me to navigate through the clues and get them done each week is to check out the clue first thing in the morning when it comes out so I can think about it. Then, after work, I come home, get the fabric selected and get the cutting done. Saturday and Sunday (or up through Thursday) are great days for sewing the pieces into the blocks. Breaking things down into little sections helps it seem manageable and I can finish them on time! Yay!

My next post will be on the sewing and I'll be linked up on Monday at Bonnie's blog. Sew on, sistahs!

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