Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Something Different with Appliqué

I stumbled across a yahoo group started by Esther Aliu, who is an amazing quilt designer. Her current, but almost completed, block of the month is called Love Entwined, which is a recreation from a quilt from the 1790's. It has pushed me into the desire to do appliqué. Not exactly a favorite technique of mine, bit it is something that can be done away from a sewing machine so I'm open minded to it. 

The first part of this project is to make a center compass. Here are my color selections. 

As I was looking at this drawing of the compass, I decided to tackle it in the paper piecing method. Progress was satisfying!

This technique worked very well for this part. The final compass came out very nicely!

The next part of this block is to piece in circles at the tips of each point in the compass. I'll work that put tomorrow. Tune in again!


Anonymous said...

looks good Pam....looking forward to seeing your progress......liz

Esther Aliu said...

Good for you! I have to tell you that I made several compasses, I do think it is one of the hardest blocks in the quilt, so now that you have it out of the way you are off to a flying start! Your compass looks fabulous, I just love your use of colour here. Can't wait to see more of your work.