Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zig Zag Border #1

Continuing on with part 2 of Esther Aliu's Love Entwined quilt, the outer border gets attached. I wanted to do it with a piecing method. That made sense to me. How to do it was the challenge. On Esther's blog, there was an "LE" quilter, Happy Appliquer", who thought the same thing and posted her tutorial on what she did. I was so happy I found it and made up my zig zags today. Here's the basics of her instructions. 

The template was drawn onto freezer paper. Cut out. 

Strips were sewn together. Use the template to mark and cut out the zig zag strip. Make four. 

All of the strips get attached to the edges where they need to be attached. (This looks a little misshaped because of a tray I have uber the part where I'm sewing.)

Since the center seams are already sewn, the outer edges get stitched on. If I work on it each day, I plan to have this part done by the weekend. 

Thanks, Happy Appliquer, for your border construction idea! It worked great! And thank you, Esther Aliu, for the amazing pattern. I'm so inspired and love sitting in a comfy chair while sewing for a change! 
See Esther's blog for more info on this quilt and to find the Happy Appliquer's posts:

Another project I have going is the Bargello Lone Star. This top is a beauty and I'll be excited to have her together. I laid the sections out to see what it looks like. Ain't she pretty? I love it!

What are you sewing this winter?

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