Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Right Tool For The Job

I am working on Esther Alua's quilt called Love Entwined. The center compass and the encompassing ring in part 1 are really looking great! 

Using a tool from my Stampin' Up days came in handy for it too. The pattern calls for 32 dots to go around the outer ring. Thanks to the Big Shot and a circle cutter, this part was a snap!

I cut a bunch of small squares out of the colors I wanted. 

The smallest circle in the cutter was just the right size for my dots. 

Run the cutter through the Big Shot. 

Take away the excess and be left with perfect circles. 

I had 32 of them cut in about 10 minutes!

Turning the edges under took a lot longer but they are all pinned in place and ready to be secured. 

Any time saved in this project will be worth it. The Big Shot will get more use as this project moves along. I can't wait to start part two!

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cherylann9 said...

Wow Pamelyn its looking great,look forward to seeing more as you progress with it.