Friday, December 11, 2015

Featherweight Project - Wired Ribbon

It's the most wonderful time of the year for our interior design side to kick into full swing! We have ideas and sometimes our supplies need some help. I love wired ribbon. From the first spool I bought, it is my preference for decorating. Today, I spotted the perfect ribbon for my project but it was not wired. Hmmm. I don't want to buy expensive wired ribbon when I already have this gorgeous ribbon! What can I do? 

I've been one to tell people that if they can't find what they want in the shop, then they have to take charge and make it themselves. Generally, with some creative thinking, you can make what you want.

So I told myself that same advice. 

I had the ribbon. I had very lightweight floral wire. So far so good.

If you try this, use the lightest wire that will hold its shape in your ribbon but not do damage to your machine if it is nicked by your needle. You want wire that will move out of the way of the needle's path.

I knew I didn't want to use glue. Too sloppy. I have a Featherweight! And a Foot Hemmer! And I have the skill to use it! (See classes 5 and 6 for a refresher on using the Foot Hemmer, if needed)

I started sewing the hem on the ribbon. After a few inches of hemming, I started feeding the straightened wire into the scroll. 
***Be very careful and sew slowly in order to not damage your needle if it hits the wire.***

After finishing one side with the hem, here's what I had. A wire encased in the hem!
This will work!

I've also seen fishing line sewn into hems for a stiffened edge. Not the look I was going for in this case but it's another way this attachment can be used. 

It didn't take long to realize that I only needed one edge wired to have my desired effect. 
These are little wreath ornaments for my mini tree. 

Don't you love it when you can use your skills for other uses? This is an unusual use for the Hemmer!

I hope you like this idea and give it a try. Start thinking about how you can creatively use your tools and skills to make what you want! Share your ideas and pics in the Facebook Group, Featherweight Skill Series. Let's get sewing!

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